28.3.16 #R&R

This week will be an opportunity for all our #celticwarriors to allow their bodies to recover. Over the past 5 weeks there has been a lot of stress and impact on the central nervous system and it’s extremely important to allow your bodies to recover and deload, so take this opportunity to have a week that is a little lower impact and intensity. That doesn’t mean to say that we won’t test you.

Please read this article written by builtlean.com which highlights the importance of taking a deload week to ensure LONG TERM progress is made.

If you train day in and day out, week after week, month after month, so on and so forth you may notice that you will find yourself hitting a serious plateau or even worse, losing strength and decreasing performance. Often times fatigue will mask your true fitness level and prevent you from making progress, even though you train hard each week. It is a mistake that happens to the best of us, myself included.

When this happens what your body is really craving is rest, not more exercise. Taking a week to “deload,” or recover a bit, is a simple training method that allows you to keep making progress without abandoning training all together. It allows your body to recover by muscles totally repairing, returning hormone levels to normal, and your central nervous system to rest. This is an absolutely essential part of strength training as well as conditioning.
In sport, this type of deloading of the muscles and nervous system is known as tapering. When athletes taper, they are aiming for full recovery, which is what allows them to compete at such a high level.

Next week will see us start a new cycle and will be testing a variety of fundamentals so prepare yourself the best you can.

Tonight saw some snatch technique work as well as an unusual workout which highlighted the crossfit mantra of constantly varied movement.

Mentions for Alex Jones who has been working tirelessly on his overhead position and has definatly made massive strides, also Maria who made a few subtle adjustments to her snatch to make further progress. In the workout shoutout for Kelly Ahere who hit consistent DUs for the first time in a workout. 



3 position snatch (hip, above knee, below knee)

B) 21-15-9


After each round

100 DUs


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