24.3.16 #whatwill16.5bring

So I think 16.5 will be on most of our #celticwarriors minds this evening, what will it bring, will it be as bad as 15.5. My prediction is thrusters and box jump overs, with the thrusters defending in reps and ascending in weight. 

What ever it may bring, one thing I know is we are going to have a drink tomorrow 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺. 

Doors will open at 4pm, with the final heat at 8pm with the #ccf2affiliatecup closing party going on until late. Food will be provided by the appropriate teams and some alcohol will be provided, but ensure you bring your own so we don’t go dry, as there are some proper big drinkers 😬


Tonight there was some clean and jerk practice as well as a cheeky triplet of rowing, burpees and DUs.

Mentions for Leighton, Kelly A and Noel for making consistent improvements with the lifting, and Rachel, Gemma, Becky, Virginia and Stu for pushing hard in the workout.



2 clean and jerk

B) for time

1km row

30 burpee

50 DUs

30 burpee

50 DUs


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