22.3.16 #nastygirls

Everyone loves a nasty girl, well until tonight.

Pistol practice was followed by hang cleans, pistols and muscle ups. 

Mentions for 

Dawn patrol – abi improving pistols and smashing the cleans 

Class 1 – Doffy starting stringing muscle ups together comfortable to showing the young guns how it’s done, Kev and Leighton for great synchronisation throughout workout

Class 2 – Lawrence after only getting bar MU recently, would’ve thought he has them for ages 


Class 3 – Rhys guard in class 3 for working right up to the last second to get his last HPC Also stringing together ring muscle ups with ease.


A) pistol practice

B) for time 

Nasty girls 

50 pistols 

7 MU

10 HpC @80kg

After another successful Friday night lights we have decided on the following #celticwarriors as spirit of the workout

Top hostess -Abi (amazing buffet)

Going above and beyond – Louise batty for completing the workout in another affiliate while away with work.. Using road signs and sand filled wall balls to get it done,

Exceeding expectation – Anna McNally for overcoming fears and going RX last min and getting a fab score finishing 5th in the WOD, Tracy for smashing an awesome score despite not long having a shoulder injury and only just getting efficient HSPU

And finally a members choice

Bridie and baby Geeves, for smashing every workout. 

Scores will be released tomorrow. 


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