16.3.16 #spirit&nutrition

Scores will be released tomorrow for 16.3 and the standings couldn’t be closer… As a preview though, here are how the spirit of the workout points were awarded for week 3!! 

Spirit of the workout goes to; Louis Alonzi for capturing all of your hard work in his amazing open videos, also to Joanne Williams for her first Bar Muscle ups and Natalie Carter for smashing out multiple reps only months after her baby was born. The boys were also not forgotten, with Kevin Gibson also achieving his first muscle up and gaining points for his team. Finally, we were very impressed with the thought and effort that went into the food preparation for last week and thought that Emma in particular deserved to be rewarded for her hard work in the kitchen, cooking up a cracking Chilli!! 


Tonight also brought, our much awaited nutrition seminar. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mike Catris for coming along and sharing his extensive knowledge with us! Judging from the frought note taking and complete silence for the two hour stint, I think it’s safe to say our athletes were enthralled!! As we keep telling you guys, nutrition underpins everything! If you missed the opportunity dont worry we may make this an annual arrangement. Great night!

We also had the small matter of today’s workout, which saw some HSPU practice followed by some rowing, pressing and running.

 mentions for our ladies today… Continuing the success of new skills being mastered in 16.3 we also had, Special Kath getting multiple HSPU today, also Emma, Fran and Tracy that managed RX HSPU off plates for this first time! Dawn Patrol also saw Wendy and Rich getting into comfortable head stands and we must say a Big thanks to Bridie Geeves, even though she was too tired to train, helped some of our less confident athletes get comfortable being upside down.

A)HSPU practice

Row 1KM
Run 1KM


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