13.3.15 #16.3

The Celtic CrossFit 2 Affiliate Cup is hotting up and it was another awesome weekend for 16.3 with plenty of members hitting their first ever bar muscle ups and smashing the workout. 

Starting off with yet another action packed #fridaynightlights and then following on to Saturday and lots of our #celticwarriors getting up on a Sunday to either hit the workout, cheer on or judge. 


Kev Gibson, Ben black during WOD after getting his 1st the day before, Mark Yeandle, Alex Jones all hitting bar muscle ups for the first time, also Nat C hitting her first post baby muscle ups.

And always awesome to see John Stone working at the box post Heart Surgery. Inspirational

Then returning on Sunday after disappointment on Friday getting some Bar Muscle Up prior and post 16.3 fir one of our longest serving members, Jo Williams. Hitting her first ever bar muscle up Friday then go on to hit more during 16.3. Awesome stuff guys!!!


Tonight saw an opportunity for our #celticwarriors to test the thruster and then hit a sneaky couplet. 

Loads of pb’s tonight on the 1RM thruster. Ryan, Kelly, Rob, Nat, Nic, Leighton, Georgia, Geeves, Tracey, Maria, Vix, Will to name a few. The list goes on. Though couplet with heavier thruster than people are used to for this rep range. Everyone pushed themselves to the absolute limit. Top work by all. Little Rob taking top time of the night. Mention to Nic who made it up and over the box for the whole wod, sometimes in her own unique ‘Nic’ way.

A) 1Rm thruster 

B) 21-15-9


Box jump overs
***Nutrition Reminder***

This Wednesday sees the Nutrition Seninar with Mike Catris of Kratos Nutrition 6-8pm

Payment required guys – fantastic opportunity to get your learn on and make the most of your hard work in the gym by optimising how you prepare and use the underpinning factor 




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