29.2.16 #celticmovementsEp2

Lots of sore bodies from an epic weekend. Plenty of buzz around the gym with lots of our members chatting about their thoughts regarding 16.1 and #fridaynightlights. 

My thoughts are Friday was incredible and my ass and I have been walking like John Wayne all day. 


Even though our #celticwarriors were sore, the didn’t let that stop them getting a sweat on. Firstly with a bit of hang clean, then some volume DLs, HOG press ups and TTB.  

 Mentions for our visitors and friends of Captain Jim- Renee and Caroline all the way from Western Australia also Lad who hit his first bar MU. Amazing to meet you guys stay in touch. 


A) Heavy hang clean 

B) 5 rounds – 1min on each


HOG press ups 


Celtic Movement Ep2 Pt1 will be released imminently. This week we are looking at the snatch, same as last week, coaching points, ques we use as a coaching staff plus common errors. Pt2 will follow on Friday, we will look at some basic mobility specific to the snatch and the overhead position. 


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