28.2.16 #16.1

Well what a weekend it has been, we started off with our first ever #fridaynightlights, which exceeded our expectations, with 80+members coming through the door, 68 of them completing 16.1, and plenty more coming down to support and cheer on their fellow #celticwarriors.     The buzz was carried on into saturday and sunday with a further 15 members completing the workout. Thats 83 #celticwarriors battling it out for their #ccf2affiliatecup teams. What was truely awesome was the amount of members who even after completing the workout stayed or returned to support or help judge. This was opitimised by Ryan Wilton who completed the workout in fridays DP, then returned to judge on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.    Further mentions for coach Ross and Maria who achieved the top scores of the weekend, plus Kelly Maidment for most colour coordinated outfit, and lastly to the following members who have been awarded spirit of the workout award (33 bonus points each). Sam Wright – Judging and supporting, in and around him working out, Sam nominated himself to judge at every opportunity, screaming and encouraging his fellow #celticwarriors on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Leighton Everett – maximising potential, even though Leighton has only been off onramp 1 month he pushed himself to RX the workout and demonstrated outstanding movement throughout.  Captain James Walker – effort, even though he was away he still ensured he visited a local box in Norway to complete the workout, to ensure he led by example.  Finally a massive thankyou to DJ Mista MCR (Mark) for giving up his own time to spin some tunes, it really set the scene and created an amazing buzz throughout the night, also Fred who also gave up his own time to take pictures. Thankyou to team 1 and 2 for providing pizzas, donuts and crisps.    Thankyou guys. Also it was brilliant to see one of our most missed #celticwarriors, Claudio Martini who popped down to support on Sunday, definatly stay in touch mate you are always welcome at Celtic Crossfit. Just a final thankyou to all our #celticwarriors, your patience and support has meant a great deal to us and this weekend has highlighted how amazing you all are, and what an incredible community we have built at Celtic Crossfit. Let keep this buzz going. CANT WAIT FOR #16.2 #fridaynightlights !!!!!!!    Carrying on our #celticmovement series, this week we will be carrying on the olympic lifting theme and highlighting the snatch.    


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