23.2.16 #walesvsfrance

3 days to go. There is a huge buzz around the gym at moments and all our #celticwarriors are gearing up for #fridaynightlights. We want to provide a night to remember and therefore we will be showing the Wales vs France rugby international, which kicks off at 8:05pm, so we hope you have a little bit of energy left and stick around for some more cheering and a few swift beverages 🍺🍺.

Another new feature for our Blog, will be a fortnightly member blog, starting off with our Celtic Nutrition Addition. This will aim to provide our #celticwarriors with a personal insight into the eating habits of some of our members. Nutrition Edition 1 is the one and only Abbi Short.

Abbi is one of our hardest working members who takes her training and nutrition seriously. After plenty of time trying and testing a broad variety of eating habits Abbi, seems to have found a plan that suits her lifestyle and has been kind enough to share her journey with us. 


Celtic Nutrition Edition 1 – Abbi Short

Nutrition is important to me because I like to lead a healthy lifestyle & like most people to keep my waist slim. 

I enjoy training and to train, I need to fuel my body with the correct things to help me perform better and get stronger.  

My dad always said to me as a teenager, just like you fill up a car with fuel the body works in a similar way.

The body needs energy which we get from our food. Eating food will supply our body with protein, essential fats, minerals and vitamins. 

I found certain foods work for me, and certain foods don’t. Not everything works the same for everyone. 

The way I eat may work for one person but then may not work for a few others. Everyone’s body is different which I have learnt since joining Crossfit.

Each persons metabolism varies along with the amount we should eat and drink. There is no right or wrong to eating healthy. Some people snack on fruit whilst others won’t touch the stuff.. I have learnt since being more aware on what I fuel my body with, people are not right or wrong. Things just work differently for each individual. 

I’m currently following the ‘lean in 15’ concept which most people would have seen on social media sites. This type of plan is what I find suits my lifestyle best & also compliments my training at Crossfit. Since eating this way I find I have more energy throughout the day and during training. 

The ‘lean in 15’ plan focuses on eating a variety of food so you don’t get fed up. It also helps you understand macronutrients in foods & why they are important for the body. 

It is a life style plan not a diet. There is no plain chicken and broccoli which I personally I find really hard to enjoy whilst eating. 

I love different flavours in my foods and this really works for me. Constantly changing up my meals and trying new recipes keeps me on my toes and in the kitchen where I love to be haha!

Don’t get me wrong I love a pic n mix and a slice of cake at the weekend, but during the week I try and keep it healthy around 80% of the time, which I find works best for my body.

An example of my meals for one day would be;

Breakfast- omelette, usually made up of 2 X egg whites and 1 X whole egg, handful of spinach & chicken breast  

11am snack – 1/2 avocado 

Lunch- Green Thai chicken curry with a portion of greens usually tender stem broccoli and sugar snaps 

4pm snack – rice cake with a teaspoon of nut butter 

After training – 1 X whey protein shake after with koko milk. 

Dinner – chilli with basmati rice topped with natural yoghurt usually fage, coriander and some avo. 

before bed a cup of chamomile tea & sometimes I add two 85% squares of dark chocolate if I fancy something sweet. 

I try and drink between 2 – 3 litres of water a day. 

I make sure every Sunday without fail I prepare my meals for Monday to Friday. This works best for me as it helps me stay committed to my plan. I also find it frees up my time after work so I’m not spending hours each day preparing meals. Below is a picture of what my kitchen usually looks like after a Sunday afternoon of preparation.

 This will not work for everyone as some people tend to like there food fresh and prepared on the same day, but this i find works well for me around my work. 

Since following the plan which I have been doing for the past 6 months, it has given me a positive & healthy mindset along with a lot more energy due to fulfilling my bodies needs. 

Abi Short

A tough little combo of OHS and CTB for this evening, reminding alot of our veteran members of 15.2.

Mentions forMatty Hill, Mark, Tyler and Jen smashing with the WOD and progressing closer and closer to a solid pull for pull ups and muscle ups. 


A) Muscle up practice

B) 3min running clock – 2 rounds

10 OHS

10 C2B 

3min running clock – 2 rounds

12 OHS
12 C2B 

3min running clock – 2 rounds

14 OHS

14 C2B 

3min running clock – 2 rounds

16 OHS

16 C2B 

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