22.2.16 #16.1snacks&massage

4 days to go until the greatly anticipated Celtic Crossfit #Fridaynightlights and the #ccf2affilatecup. Snacks will be produced by team 1&2, and a pre/post workout espresso or hot beverages with also be available. We will open the gym ASAP and everything will be setup and ready for the first heat of workouts at 4pm. There will also be massage available courtesy of Complimentary Therapy by Louise. 

Movement series – The Clean (coaching points, ques and common faults.)

Guys please watch the video and read the table its will hopefully shed a bit of light and really allow transparency from coach to athlete. Diolch!!!! ENJOY 😀😀😀

 Celtic Movement Series – The Clean


Monday 22.2.16 WOD 💪

Further open and ccf2 affiliate cup preparation tonight with a little bit of clean and jerk with was very similar to grace, as well as a very similar workout to 11.1&14.1 with a deadly combination combo of DUs and GTOH. 

Nice to welcome Rich and Lauren back after a short break and Anna for completing her burpee bonus pre and post WOD and really enjoying each one. 

And quite possibly the busiest Monday we’ve had and plenty of banter already underway for Celtic Crossfit affiliate cup


#clean and jerk


30 DUs

15 GTOH 

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