21.2.16 #movementseries1

At Celtic Crossfit we are always evolving and want to provide the broadest and most purposeful experience for our members, this includes our time at the gym with you, but also when you are outside in your everyday life. Therefore the blog will start to take a little bit of a different shape. We will use our blog to provide you with meaningful and educational posts that will hopefully provide all our #celticwarriors with knowledge and understanding of movement, nutrition and box news. 

Each week we will provide you with key movements, highlighting mobility, activation work as well as coaching points and ques that all our coaches use. This will allow for complete transparency from coach to athlete, and allow you to maximise your potential quicker.

This weeks movement is the clean. 

This is Illiya Illin the current (105) men’s world record holder, obviously he is an extremely top class weightlifter, but what I want you to ask yourself, how is he able to clean and jerk over 2twice his body weight?

Yes he is explosive and  muscularly strong but his technique is his true strength, and body strength can only take you so far!

Throughout this week we will hopefully share some further information with you that WILL NOT instantly allow to lift over twice your body weight but WILL give you the foundation to help you on your way.


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