20.2.16 #sweatfest

With many of our athletes competing and supporting at The Welsh men’s Throwdown today we expected a quiet Saturday… But Bootcamp and Saturday Sweatfest were as popular as ever @celtic_crossfit this morning! A very tough grind by our bootcampers! 

Great to welcome Sharon back after a few weeks out and also welcome Luke and Josh fresh off On Ramp, nice to see Josh giving Luke a motivating pat on the bum during our banded resistance runs! (Even though it was with the band and sounded like it hurt like hell) πŸ˜‚ also nice to have the beautiful Lex come join us with mum Nat Arlett our family community continues to expand! 

Fab work also from our testosterone filled Sweatfest class! There were pb’s a plenty in the bench press! From Dave and Jack Hennesey, Kristian, Lee, Lad and Alex! 

Followed by a nasty couplet that included descending reps and ascending weight on everyone’s favourite movement “The Thruster”

Great work everyone!

#celticcrossfit2 #celticwarriors #crossfitnewport #Crossfitwales #bootcamp #fitnessfamily


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