18.2.16 #triplethereps

6 days and counting. What do you guys think Dave Castro will throw at us for 16.1. All I know is that our #celticwarriors are prepared for anything.


Further preparation was made this evening with a little OHS from the floor which is pretty much a shoe in for the open as well as some snatch and muscle ups which are 2 movements that I believe will definatly feature. 

Big shout out to Kelly C, Fern and Jo who ensured they didn’t miss the workout and hit it in open gym, and then did a little bit of synchronised squatting as a little finisher. 


Also Alex jones, Katie, Joe, and max who moved extremely well all ensuring they hit a squat snatch. Also max completed bar muscle ups in the first round, that’s 9 at only 15yrs old. Awesome stuff. 

Also a big welcome back for Josh Wall who jumped straight back into things and is very keen to get involved in the #ccf2affikate cup. Josh’s team will be announced soon. 




3 OHS – must start from floor

B) For time – 9-7-5

Muscle up 

Squat snatch. 


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