13.2.16 #saturdaySKWATfest

A very busy bootcamp class followed by plenty of squatting for today’s CF class. Firstly we looked at some positional work with some pause snatches, then a workout that looked at 3 fundamental squats and lots of pulling. Bottom line everyone earned their beers for the rugby!

Mentions for lots of positional improvements for father and son combo Dave and jack with Matty, will, Abby and Tracy all focusing on consistently hitting sound positions.

With the open drawing nearer rules and scoring system will be released tomorrow, so ensure you keep an eye out for that, teams will follow shortly after. Also make sure you follow us on snapchat – celticcrossfit2 !


A) Heavy 2 position pause snatch

– 2sec below knee

-2sec mid thigh 

B) 1:1 – with a partner

Every squat rep = 10secs for pull up/TTB/row 

max reps back squat

Max reps chest 2 bar 

Max reps front squat

Max reps TTB

Max reps OHS

Max reps cal row


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