12.2.15 #21-15-9 / #memberofthemonth

A long awaited 21-15-9 of cal rowing and burpees was the challenge this evening and it definately caught out our #celticwarriors . Such a simple workout left them on their backs wondering how that workout was so tough. We also got our SWOLE on with some bench press, with some serious tin being lifted (except little Rob ;). 


I must say all our #celticwarriors hit the workout with absolute intensity and left nothing in the tank, but big mentions for Chris, mark, Dave, Matty, Will, Rach, Nat and Maria who didn’t stop and seriously flew through. Also Leighton and Mike who continue to work hard and impress. Also a very special mention for Jen who took new member Sue under her wing and both pushed to the brink. Awesome stuff guys!!!!



A) 5×5 

Bench press

B) 21-15-9

Cal row

Over erg burpees

January member of the month – Katie Doff


Katie embodies everything that we have built @celticcrossfit . Hard work, dedication and community. 

She has developed into one of our most promising athletes, who is very coachable and always willing to listen to ensure she maximises her potential. 

Katie is also a great example of a member who encompasses the #celticwarrior attitude towards community. She was there at very opportunity to paint, mop, sweep, lift and carry when we were moving, considering most people her age were in bed sleeping on those early Sunday mornings, it was amazing and very much appreciated. Her prize is definately deserved, well done and thank you Katie Doff!!!!!

Katie has kindly taken the time too answer some questions about her journey @celticcrossfit





When did you start doing CrossFit:

September 2014


Favorite WOD:

Anything with dead lift, cleans or pull ups. I enjoyed ‘Linda’


What is your favorite skill movement:

Pull ups

What’s your favorite strength movement:

Power clean


Least Favorite WOD:

Anything that involves long distance running, but I am learning to enjoy it a little bit more now.


Describe your first day at Celtic:

Daunting. I hated even the thought of exercise but everyone was very welcoming and encouraging and I settled in straight away.


What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since joining:

Crossfit has given me a positive attitude toward fitness and has shown me that keeping active is important. I eat healthier and have seen a huge change in my body shape which has helped me to be a lot more confident.


What are your hobbies or interests outside of CrossFit:

I play the piano and enjoy any kind of music. I love going to concerts and I have a pretty amazing group of friends that I’m always spending time with.


Who inspires you:

Mum and dad are pretty awesome, the coaches too. Being one of the youngest I look up to everybody. I remember when I first joined I thought Bridie was amazing, since then so many more people have been inspirational to me like Maria, Vicky, Will, Matt and this is just naming a few. The encouragement of everybody is the biggest inspiration.
Any advice for people just getting started:

Get stuck in, don’t think you can’t because you most definitely can x



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