10.2.16 #FGBish

A little bit of push jerk cycling practice was first up this evening,city our #celticwarriors focusing on moving the barbell quickly and efficiently.  

Mentions for fern, fran, young Owen and Karl who all moved with efficiency and focus. Next we moved onto a fight gone bad type workout utilising the 5 movement, max reps format. Go to give a big mention for the whole of class three who dug in and grinded their way through the fifteen minutes. Also Tracy who scaled some movements to manage her injury but still ensure the intensity was there.



3 push jerk

– bar starts from floor

B) #FGBish – 3Rounds 40:20



box jump overs

Strict press

Cal row

 #celticcrossfit2 #celticwarriors #crossfit #newport #wales #fitness #crossfitgirls #newportfitness #newportstrength #newportcrossfit #crossfitwales #strengthandconditioning #weightliftingwales #weightliftingnewport


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