9.3.16 #metconmayhem

Tonight was a combination of metcons. Firstly with an OMEM style chest to bar and thruster workout. Mentions for Ryan Wilton who has relentlessly been working on all aspects of his training and it was definatly evident in tonight’s OMEM.  Also massive shout out for Leighton who is one of our January on ramp graduates who is now stringing his pull ups just in time for the #ccf2adfiliatecup. Amazing stuff Leighton keep up the hard work!!!

Then there was another opportunity for our #celticwarriors to measure their progress, with a benchmark workout. Elizabeth was the name and cleans and ring dips were the movements. Mentions for Kelly maidment, Emma and Lorna for excellent form on their cleans. Big technical improvements from Matthew mcilroy, Mike and hannah on their cleans and amazing resilience by Stuart, Ryan Wilton and Pete to push through pain and fatigue barriers to finish the workout! And finally in the words of Anna mac!! Well done to everyone on smashing the workout and f*cking this S*!it Up tonight!!

We also saw another example of what an amazing community we have at #celticcrossfit2, after hitting a very tough workout our #celticwarriors got behind there fellow members to support and get them through.



Odd: 10-12 chest to bar

Even: 10-12 thrusters

B) ‘Elizabeth’ – 21-15-9

Clean @60kg

Ring dips

Don’t forgot to get signed up on crossfitgames.com to earn your team bonus points. Teams will be announced this week.

I’m doing the open

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