8.2.16 #motivation

Some snatch technique work this evening followed a high volume body weight AMRAP.Great to see recent OR graduates mike and Leighton getting better week by week. Also Great potential shown by Connor in his 1st full class following his teens sessions in the summer. Nice to see Sue teaming up with lorna doff in her 1st session, also youngsters Georgia and Rose moving through their workout with purpose, awesome work guys keep it up!

Awesome to see so many of our competitors down the gym recovering or catching up for a coffee. They definatly deserve a couple of rest days after the performances they displayed over the weekend. It is amazing to see so many of our members training hard and willing to put their training to the test. Again the @wildwestfitness delivered an amazing competition, they continue to really hit the nail on the head with all the workouts and delivering an inspiring and motivating comp. I know this as well as the 2016 Celtic a Crossfit Affiliate cup is going to inspire our members for the future.

Don’t forgot to sign up online at crossfitgames.com to earn extra points for your team plus measure yourself against thousands of other crossfitters.



Snatch complex

– hang power snatch


– snatch


50 air squat

50 ring rows

50 sit ups

50 DB snatch

50 lunges

50 burpees


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