Saturday Sweatfest & Celtic Bootcamp 


 Another fab Saturday @Celtic Crossfit, starting with our ever popular Celtic bootcamp followed by a very tough Sweatfest class! 

With a large amount of our Celtic community up supporting the 4 Celtic Crossfit Teams taking part in Wild West Winter Slam Competition, it was amazing to see so many of you in classes this morning! 

Bootcamp once again pushed our athletes to their limits! And in turn brought out the very best in all who participated! Especially Louis Alonzi ,who is slowly winning his battle to regain fitness after a long lay off. Another worthy mention goes to possibly our most dedicated member at present, Ryan Wilton, who has literally transformed his physique and all round fitness through dedication and determination! He very rarely misses a session and is working tirelessly to improve his skills and weaknesses at every opportunity! 






Next came Saturday Sweatfest…. Which brought PR’s a plenty followed by a very tasty Annie and Grace Mash up! congrats to Tracy and Alex who hit PR’s in Both Deadlift and Push Press and not to be out done Alex’s younger brother Laurence also hit a 5 rm push press pr! Another feat certainly mention worthy is Haith, that managed to link kipping pull-ups together in a workout for the first time! Another example of hard work and practice paying dividends 

Affiliate cup 2016 

The affiliate cup draws nearer and we are pleased to announce the 10 team captains!!! Congratulations guys! And good luck …. 

Team draws and rules to follow shortly 
Affiliate Cup Captains 2016  


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