2.2.16 #new&oldfaces

Tonight we greated some new faces as well as welcomed some older faces back to celtic crossfit. The classes say some anaerobic threshold workouts that aimed to simulate the intensity of the open and the upcoming Winter Slam this weekend.

Firstly we had a couplet of deadlifts and on burpees and then the evil combination of thrusters and pull ups.

Shout out for Dave V who was the only member to RX and get multiple pull ups on all 3 rounds of WOD 2.

Also a big welcome back to Jon and Virginia as well as Vikki B who saw celtic crossfit 2.0 for the very first time, they jump back into the classes as if they had never been away, awesome stuff guys. We also greated our Febuary on rampers, who completed their squat fundamentals and were support by the assistant to the assistant coach Anna who increase her general knowledge greatly by finding out today that there is a gentleman in Tibet who goes by the name of Dalai Lama.




8 DL

8OB burpee

B) in 3s – 3rounds each – 90sec window each

20 thrusters

Max pull ups


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