26.1.16 #conditioning

Lots and lots of conditioning this evening with 2 simple but effective workouts. We firstly revisited an old foe in the form of 30 clean and jerks, and then got some HIIT training with a naughty couplet of fronts squats and toes to bar.

Big shout out to all of class one, superb attitude and used the coaches advice to ensure they maximised the purpose of both conditioning pieces. Specifically Emma B who is getting stronger and stronger in all aspects of her fitness every week. Also Tracy who continues to get back in the groove. Also Alex in class one who is an extremely coachable athlete and ensures he takes all advice on board and is definatly repeating the rewards. In class 2 awesome work by Anna, Kelly and suz who pushed eachother in part 2 and Richard Coates who pushed himself to the edge in part 1. Lastly Lee B who PRd his grace time by 40+ secs and Steph and Holly who hit part 2 with great intensity and purpose, although the May have been a but of a suspicious start.

As we start ramping up the prep for the open you will see more and more conditioning pieces that will be relatively light but need to be hit hard, this needs to be kept in mind when scaling.


A) ‘Grace’ – for time

30 clean and jerk 

B) 4RFT 1:1

12 front squat

12 TTB


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