23.1.16 #saturdaysweatfest

Busy morning at #celticcrossfit2 starting off with a busy bootcamp and the rest of our #celticwarriors hitting some bench press and then a tough team WOD. 

Mentions for our bootcampers Jo, suz, Lewis, Claudia, Ryan, Ows who hit a variety of workouts which included rowing, sled pushes, banded sprints. Also big mentions for newcomer Luke who literally took coach Carter for a walk on the banded sprints. Big mentions for Ryan in Bootcamp for coming first in the death by KB and sit ups and for Owen for smashing the sled pushes!! 

In #saturdaysweatfest, it was great to see Tracy back to full fitness! Hitting good numbers on her bench press and the helping her team mates Vix and Maria to best place finish in the WOD! Also awesome work from Rachel and Oli on the first #saturdaysweatfest.



A) 3×5 

Bench press

B) for time – teams of 3

Cash in 

2000m row



60 FS

60 OH Sit up

Cash out 

60 Syncro burpees



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