19.1.16 #freezing 

The warmth in the box was created by the number of bodies in the box this evening, with many of our #celticwarriors new and old venturing through the doors. Plenty of pull up practice which has been requested again and again and the enthusiasm and determination did not disappoint. Pull ups were followed by a chilly workout which contained CTB, thrusters and running in freezing conditions.

A massive well done to our January on rampers who officially graduated into classes and we look forward to seeing you all get stuck into the workouts as you did tis evening. 

We are now taking bookings for on February on-ramp be quick as people are already booking and spaces are filling fast.

Also a big thank you to Boxhead, max, josh, Ben B and same who helped get the S&C area back after a little bit of interior decoration. Also big thanks to Matty and Geeves who helped construct the GHDs. By the way if you ever need and wardrobes apor Chester draw constructed Geeves is you man, he even confessed to me that he almost bought a £170 Lego set last week. 


A) pull up practice

B) for time – in pairs

50 CTB

400m run

21 thruster

800m run

21 thruster

400m run

50 CTB


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