8.1.16 #oldhabitsdiehard

Our fantastic new facility is starting to take serious shape however old things are still being left around the gym. The pic below is evidence of a recent offender. All RTs/likes will equal 1 burpee I believe we are around 40 so far.
Good Friday evening to finish off a tough week at the ever improving box.
A bit of paused squatting to refine movement and power out of the hole. 
Nice to welcome back former coach Paolo for some Olympic lifting in the S & C area. Also a welcome back to the other half of Kelly and Gavin. With Gavin even colour coded and matching better half Kelly for his 1st session at Celtic CrossFit 2.0.Another Celtic Warrior making a return Hannah Reily moving through the WOD and lift as if she’s never been away. Also hello to friend of Anna McNally Hermione hitting a WOD with us this evening.


A) Heavy front pause – 3sec pause 

B) 5 Rounds – 1min per movement 

– DUs

– alt arm DB snatch

– ring row


****notice – This Sundaywe are having a visit Alan Fitzpatrick from Crossfit Navan in Ireland, he is trying to do 50 workouts in 50 boxes across Ireland and the U.K. And would appreciate our support in joining him for his workout! 9:30am at the box lets get as many people as possible to join him on the workout!****


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