7.1..16 #celticcafe

Further strides made tonight on clean and jerk technique as our athletes cycled through a lengthy complex, prior to a very (literally for a of people couple) “sick WOD”
Huge progress from Anna, Tiefion, Louis, Mark, Maria and Steph on their clean especially speed under the bar! And amazing work from Richard Coates, Kevin and Sam on their split jerk technique! 
The workout took everyone by surprise as we hit a 3 round, Couplet sprint event of …. 

X10 Power Snatch 

X15 Over bar burpees 

Some extremely resilient performances resulted in some very quick times! Matty lead the way going sub 4 mins with many others sub 5 mins! Finally a Huge well done to Claudia that with sheer grit and determination, paired with a lot of support from her fellow classmates managed to complete the workout just inside the time! 

It’s great to see so many athletes utilising our new facility to be able to complete competitors programme, skills and technique practice or just hanging around for a good chat before and after classes! For you social butterflies we have another new addition to our facility opening soon.. 

*Celtic Cafe Coming soon*

 Amazing atmosphere and attitude displayed by everyone tonight great work everyone!

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