28.12.16 #abatte

Our #celticwarriors got their post Xmas training off with a bang, hitting abatte, which combined plenty of running with clean and jerks.

Mentions to Matty mcilroy and Bryn smashing WOD fastest in class 1. Stu displayed superb tekkers throughout at RX at a weight previously challenging showing excellent progress. Mark Yeandle moving the bar with ease. Maria fast barbell cycling through C and J with good form.

Young jack Hennesy completing the WOD at 30kg running full distance and c and J a summers 1RM for 42 reps tonight.

Great family race by team Doffy with parents teaming up and beating sin and daughter to win the battle for the washing up at Doffy HQ with youngest Doff Owen joining Inge CrossFit fun making family member no 5 training at the box for January’s On Ramp.

Only a few spaces left and the first on-ramp of 2016. Get the New Years fitness off to the best start possible @CelticCrossFit2.0



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