22.12.15 #fran

An opportunity for our #celticwarriors to establish 2 new Xmas PRs. Starting off with a 1RM hang clean and then the dreaded FRAN returned.

Awesome attitude shown by all this evening and showing superb mental strength to switch off and just keep moving.

With so many PRs I apologise in advance if I forget you. Throughout the night there were some big number chucked around with Rob, Sam, Will, Ross, Matty, Doffy getting well into triple figures as well as James and stu hitting a new PR and Nat, Lorna, Holly, Vix, Maria  and Amiee hitting new PRs. In the workout there were some amazing times with will, geeves Vix, Maria and Matty smashing their previous fran times and Ryan Wilton taking over 3mins off. 

Awesome work by all!


A) 1RM hang clean

B) FRAN = 21-15-9


Pull ups


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