18.12.15 #lastdayofschool

Tonight saw some front squatting and some clean&jerk as well as burpees, which saw some new face with Chris visiting to get some strength work done and some returning faces, with Jan retuning for a session, really nice to see you both we will look forward to seeing you in the future.

Tonight starting off with a bang with lots of people in to get some strength or skill work done in open gym or even get a cheeky workout done. Big shoutout to Fern who came in got a workout done on her own to get her herself prepared for Xmas. Further mentions for Vic who got a 62.5kg OHS PR. In our crossfit classes the PRs continued to roll in with Maria and Chris getting PRs in front squat double. What was evident for all to see was the community spirit within the gym with all our #celticwarriors cheering and encouraging eachother through every inch of the session. 

A) front squat 

5×2 – increase weight throughout. 

B) for time 

30 1 arm KB clean and jerk

30 burpee 

20 1 arm KB C&J

20 burpee

10 1 arm KB C&J

10 burpee

* don’t forgot tomorrow night see our 2016 celtic crossfit Xmas celebration. We will be meeting in revs DE Cuba at 7-7:30, hopefully we see all our #celticwarriors and toast to a massive 2015 and look forward to an even bigger 2016. 


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