11.12.15 #drewy(legend)


Workout A) 

3 Push Press

2 Push Jerk

1 split jerk 
B) 15 min AMRAP 

15 Dumbell Rows 

15 Wallballs

15 Hang Power Cleans

15 Lunges 

Split jerk PR’s for Richard Coates and Jenny even though it was within a complex consisting of 5 lifts before it! Much improved technique on push and split jerk by all especially, Alex, Chris and Rich who have been working extremely hard on their over head positioning and fully utilising the hips in every lift! 

This was followed by a very tough grind of a workout! High volume reps in an AMRAP format always challenges even the best athletes physically and especially mentally! But our athletes pushed hard to link large chunks of reps together on each movement, pushing themselves to their limit and not taking the option to rest as soon as the going got tough! 

Fab work from Lorna, Jenny and Stu Hitting the hang clean weight RX tonight and some very good scores from Rob, Will and Matty!! 

We also welcomed back an old friend! Our trusty wall mounted rig!!! A Huge thanks to Drewy for taking the time to re install old faithful! It has been sorely missed!! 
What will be next to be delivered or installed @CelticCrossfit 2.0 ??? 
Don’t forget Bootcamp 9am 

Followed by Saturday Sweatfest team WOD 10-11:15am


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