7.11.15 #intensity

Tonight’s session was an evening of mixed intensities. There was also no compound or oly lift in sight which gave our #celticwarriors and opportunity to work a barbell movement that is rarely seen. Then a workout which was focused in high intensity, digging in deep and maintaining as close to redline as possible. 

Amazing effort by all, key aspects were closely followed. Mentions for Ryan, nat, Sam, Maria, Dave and Katie who hit the quickest times of the evening. Further mentions for nat tanner who rxd with ease, Ammie who over came box jumps andlorna who smashed her cleans with superb technique. 

#celticcrossfit2 develops further tonight with our new crossfit flooring being laid, the remaining equipment will up and by next week. Could we please stay off the flooring for the time being and we are waiting for it the settle and take shape. Diolch!!!!!

A) 3×10-12 bent over row


20 HOG press up

10 P.Cleans

20 Box jumps

C) 3sets of

20 OH Sit up

20 Plate twists


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