2.11.15 #wednesdaywarriors

Having retested some open workouts in recent days, tonight was an opportunity to retest our #celticwarriors front squats. Which was then followed by a high volume triplet.

Mentions for Liam who PRd his font squat  further PRs for Vicky,Katie doff,Maria,mark Y, James to mention just a few, even after completing plenty of work already this week.

Shout out for Sharon and fern who stood up and ran over the boys in the first class. Also Hannah , stu and Claudia in the second class and Chris, Alex and Lawrence showing great potential.

Exciting times ahead, with our friends at UK Supreme Fitness (@uksupremefitness) delivering plenty of Xmas toys for all you guys to play with. 


A) Heavy front squat

B) for total output (kg), reps, distance (m)

0-5min – clean and jerk

5-10 – walking lunges

10-18 – row for distance


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