23.11.15 #cleaningup

With the box currently going through a transition period tonight’s workout required minimal equipment. A barbell, some bumpers and a little bit of space.

Although there is big plans for the near future our #celticwarriors are still hitting the lifting and conditioning hard with maximum effort. 

Good community spirit all around by all tonight with some good progress in lifting complex and high rep intense workout in adapted training space at the start of the most exciting week ever at the Box. 

Good lifting by many class 2 and 3 in particular with many PRs in the hang power cleans.
Biggest improvements by our newest members Sean, Alex, Haith, and Christopher who really focusing on their movement.
Very exciting times ahead- with the box resembling a time machine at the moment and over the week with the return of the white Walls and soon the dividing wall. A reminder to some of our oldest timers of how it used to be.
Slight change to Saturday TT- 10-11am class then moving day commences- all hands on deck would be much appreciated.
Also bookings being taken for our 1st On Ramp at #celticcrossFit2.0 starting next Tuesday. 


A) build to a heavy 3 position clean

B) 5 rounds 90:90

3 p.cleans

6 press ups

9 lunges


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