17.11.15 #skills

After a heavy barbell session last night there was not a bar in sight this evening. Skills were the focus, looking at either pull ups or muscle ups. The skills were broken up into strict work to develop strength, transition work to develop efficiency and then combing them together to develop the movemen as a whole.

After the strength same a bit of teamwork in the form of a 15min max distance row in 3s. Which a load for plenty of recovery to ensure the work was completely in maximum intensity and effort. Once the 15mins had been completed it was straight into an individual AMRAP.

Mentions for tonight Jo who demonstrated amazing C2B pull ups throughout. Kelly, holly, Tracy and Katie with efficient pull ups throughout workout, also Holly smashing DU’s right out of on ramp Anna moving to thinner band on pull ups. Fran Millimeters away from first kipping pull up. For the men Tyler getting his first muscle up, and lee just missing out on getting his first bar MU, will only be matter of time before he gets it. Also a big Mention for John almost a month back after serious heart surgery.



  • Strict Pull ups on rings or bar
  • Kipping 
  • Hip to rings / high knees
  • 3x max reps

B) in 3s 

15mins max distance row


2 Muscle ups


10 burpees

40 DUs

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