16.11.15 #dynamicefforts

Tonight saw a slight change to current squatting habits with the inclusion of some dynamic effort squats and then a barbell bananza. It is extremely important for all our #celticwarriors to develop all aspects of their strength to maximise their potential. One of the most influential and badass pioneers in the sector of strength is Louis Simmons of westside barbell, he explains the purpose of dynamic lifting as,

The purpose of the dynamic method, or training with submaximal weights with maximal speed, is to build a fast rate of force development. With a lighter loads or band and chains used, it teaches one to accelerate and reduce bar deceleration. With the lighter weights, one can control and perfect form.

Louis Simmons, Westside Barbell. 

Mentions to newer members- Haith, Alex and Chris working well on lifts and improving each round. 
Erica with solid split jerk positioning- very solid, and Ryan Wilton supporting son Alex with his technique with his barbell and strength work in class one. Last a mention for some questionable bobbing to music by the girls of class 2 between sets.

Lastly, as a coaching staff we have discussed the forthcoming competition season and have put together a number of competitions that will be incorporated into classes and specific time will be set aside for all our #celticwarriors to complete any qualifiers etc. Notices of the competitions will be put up in the box, so keep and eye out and get signed up. 2016 will also see an inhouse competition to celebrate the completion of celtic 2.0 and of course the 2016 celtic affiliate cup which will run alongside the crossfit open. Exciting times ahead!!!!!!


A) back squat


B) 10rnds 1:1

3 power clean

3 front squat

3 jerk 


2016 competition season

29th&30th Jan – Athlete Games (individual) online qualifiers 27th Nov-17th Dec 2015.

Feb 6-7th – Wild West winter slam (team)

April 17th – Battle of Britain (individual) online qualifiers – 11th Jan 

May 28th – One and all Games (team) 2 male and 2 female

June 12th – Scale the Heights qualifiers (individual)

June 18th – Pound for Pound (individual) – online qualifiers 22nd Feb

July 9th – Wild West (team)

August – European Inferno (same sex pairs)


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