12.11.15 #posterioristhekey

Development of strength in the posterior played a dominant part in this evenings session. First with a box squat were hamstrings and glutes played a critical role, then some accessory work which will help support those big muscle groups when squatting, dead lifting, cleaning, snatching etc, and to finish of a simple but deadly workout.

Mentions tonight for Tracey Stu, Aimee Katie Jen, Mark, Bryony and Hollie straight off on ramp box squat PR with ease. 

Big mentions for 2 of the ladies- Katie doff hitting a mile PR and Jen running her 1st ever mile non stop!



A) heavy box squat


12 step ups

20 banded GM

C) 10min cap

Run 1 mile 

In remaining time AMRAP

KB swings


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