10.11.15 #SDL

Tonight was a warm welcome back for a movement that hasn’t been seen for a while. With our #celticwarriors still reaping the rewards of #SQUATTOBER we tested a 3RM sumo deadlift. Some big numbers were put up with all the squatting and focus on ensuring hamstrings and glutes remain active throughout the squat has definatly paid devidends.

The workout then provided an opportunity to include a little but of volume and intensity.

Big mentions for Doffy who pulled 210×3, Stuart and Kelly who both also hit PRs. Looks like #squattober has developed some seriously strong posteriors. With all the PRs in lifts apart from the squat , this just goes to show the power of the squat and how it transfers in many different lift and when down properly develops whole body strength.  

This is the evidence from #squattober with PRs in bench press, cleans, dead lifts as well as the squat. 


A) 3RM sumo deadlift

B) tabata





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