7.11.15 #community

Amazing day for our Celtic Warriors! And one in particular….
After the small matter of a gruelling Bootcamp at 9am our Saturday Sweatfest class kicked off with some HUGE progress in the clean! 

There was significant improvement in Many athletes technique, with Sarah in particular refining position in the second pull and Josh and Bryn working on their catch position in order to hit some excellent numbers! 

There were also PB’s for Coach   Pete with 122.5kg for both and Lee hitting 105kg. There were also Power clean PB’s for Tracy 55kg, Alex 85kg and Bryn 95kg

This preceded our workout… And today it was a homage to one of our very own Celtic Warriors, Vicky Smith. Vicky was today representing Celtic Crossfit at the Welsh Women’s Throwdown @Crossfit Pen Y Bont . So we thought what better way to show our support and share her pain than to tackle the Hero Workout “Victoria”. This was one of the toughest workouts we have ever hit at the box! Physically the weight and movements are manageable, but the volume of reps and structure of exercises really challenged mentally even our toughest competitors! 

As always our athletes went to places within themselves and tapped reserves of energy they didn’t know they had in order to finish the workout! An amazing morning session! 

This was followed by a visit to Pen Y Bont to meet the rest of our Celtic Crossfit support team that were again out in force to cheer on Vix! 

Vicky was absolutely Amazing! She had entered this competition last year and could couldn’t perform a single pull up! But… An argument could be made that there has not been a more driven athlete at the box this year! She has worked on her weaknesses, looked at her nutrition, taken on extra accessory work to complement her training and pushed herself in every session at the box!

All of this hard work and dedication has paid off in spades as she achieved PB’s in the first two workouts, by significant amounts and hit s new PB Squat clean of 62.5kg in the last workout! I hope this has encouraged not only Vix but a few of our other female athletes to get involved or in Vix case more involved in the competitive side of Crossfit! 

Well done Vix! You were amazing! and did everyone, most of all yourself very proud!! 


A) heave clean

B) ‘Victoria’

10 thruster

14 thruster


14 burpee

27 KB swing


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