4.11.15 #warriorwednesday

Another great #warriorwedensday session this evening. With a little but of broing out for strength work and then an intense interval partner WOD. 

All athletes getting stuck into their sessions with superb effort and intensity. Mentions for Mark in class one who considering he is very new to oly lift moved well during the hang snatch. Also ninja like snatch movement from Nic Jones. Further mentions include Karl getting his first ever hand stand, Haith surviving his first session and improving his Snatch technique fresh out of on ramp, Steph beating her previous 1rm conventional grip bench press for 3rm with close grip, as well as Mark 85kg, Alex 70kg, Stuart 55kg 3rm close grip bench press PR’s. Looks like #SQUATTOBER has benefited upper body strength as well as lower.

I will be posting all the PRs from #SQUATTOBER on Friday so if you didn’t record them on the board either inbox us on Facebook or message us on twitter or Instagram. WE WANT TO CEKEBRATE EVERYONES PRS.

Also penblwydd hapus to little Rob, 19 years young. 

A) 5×3 bench press – close grip

B) for time in pairs 

1200m row buy in 

Then 10 rnds 1:1


6 hang snatch

7 burpee


1200m row buy out 


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