26.10.15 #smoothcriminal

So it’s week 4 of #SQUATTOBER and our #celticwarriors are still getting work done and getting dem #GAINZ. Tonight started off with some front and back squat which was accompanied with some MJ smooth criminal hamstring lowers and the a intense interval couplet.

The PRs are still rolling in with Alex Wilton, Vicky, Sam, Doffy, Ben, Matt, James, Liam, Mark all hitting new front squat PRs. Great father son effort by Alex and Ryan Wilton top time for class 1 and Doffy and matty class 2. Then Liam and Tyler class 3.

Good effort by all and a short sharp intense WOD with many scaling very accurately to maintain intensity.  These short and intense WODs  are definately developing people’s ability to firstly scale appropriately to ensure movements a performed well under intensity, secondly developing people’s ability to hit each round with 100% effort and recover quickly and thirdly once you have hit that red line your ability to mentally keep going and push through. 

Last little bit, having done a lot of squatting this month it is very important that you get your recovery in. For more info and tips on recovery refer to the post #failtopreparepreparetofail post on 12.19.15


A) front to back squat heavy

B) 3×10 hamstring lowers

C) 5 rounds 1:1

10 wallball

10 burpee

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