23.10.15 #lungeathon

Holy good god, lunging all over the shop this morning and evening. Think it’s safe to say I will be walking like John Wayne all weekend, but a great way to beat the physical and mental burn of getting some volume accessory work.

The day started with a bang with #SQUATTOBER and a heavy back squat followed by some rack pulls. With our DPers who turned out in their droves to starttheir Friday with a bang. Who showed great effort and mental toughness considering g they are now starting off in the dark. PRs aplenty for Abbi, Ben B, rich Coates, and a vet very easy PR for Sarah Walsh who is definitely a lot stronger than she thinks hitting a PR and accelerating the whole way through the lift!

The evening classes also followed suit with Aimee who is hitting heavy lift across the board getting a 90kg, Stuart who hit a 100kg, Mathew getting 152.5kg in the back squatas well as loran and Cath hitting 100kg in the rack pull. OUR #celticwarriors ARE STRONG LIKE BULL!!!!!

Make sure to get some recovery work on this hamstring and glutes guys, also make sure you drink lots of alcohol. I know I will be as it’s half term 😉 


A) Heavy back squat

B) 5×3 rack pull


C) 15min AMRAP

100m lunge

50 sit up



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