#WarriorWednesday 21.10.15

Our Warrior Wednesday classes were a particularly spicy little affair tonight. They allowed our athletes to hit some important upper body, strength accessory work, followed by  a relentless 25min “pairs ladder” workout. 

Despite the look of trepidation on people’s faces when they first caught glimpse of the workout, the atmosphere was soon filled with enjoyment again as our community embraced the challenge with a huge smile! 

There were some big lifts in our Close grip Bench Press portion of the night, Coach Pete and Matty leading the way for the boys with Gav and Tom not far behind. But I was extremely impressed with our female athletes. Katie Doff continues to go from strength to strength and once again should be applauded for some impressive lifting tonight. This was matched by Hannah Vicky and Maria who all achieved impressive scores on their 5×3. Form was key in the Bent over Rows that followed, great to see Cam and Bryony fresh off On ramp really focusing on the mechanics of the movement, these guys will be achieving some big numbers in the very near future! 

Then came the much anticipated WOD, which included some very impressive scores! Many athletes made it to the 5th round and the dreaded 80/40kg thrusters! But most impressive were once again the skills on display, Fern and Jo may as well have been doing chest to bar for each their pull up rounds, their movement was that good and pull that strong! Same goes for Parky and Big lee, these guys have worked and worked at perfecting this skill and now have such efficiency that chin above bar is no longer enough of a challenge! Even for 70+ reps! Top effort guys! 



*Don’t forget Dawn Patrol is at 6-7am Friday morning! 

* Sign up for November On Ramp is no Open! 

Come join the fun! 




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