20.10.15 #RESPECT

Respect was how I summed up experiences from today @CELTIC_CROSSFIT . It started of with coaching DP where our brave DPers mentally grinder out some squatting and also completed a tough 20min AMRAP. I have said it before and will continue to say the deserve a lot of respect for getting up and getting work done when I cold and dark and when all you want to do is stay in bed. #RESPECT!!!!

Standards where set in DP with the two Robs and Ivor working hard and making small adjustments to ensure they weren’t shooting forward with their knees when squatting, Will and Dave throwing some heavy tin about and then Abby completing the WOD with 15 pull ups in and ensuring she did them in at least doubles. 

Also Well done to Tracey in first class getting a 85kg PB and Vic in second class with a massive 95 kg. Also Holly who is fresh off on ramp and already progressing really well with her pull-ups managing to string some kipping pull-ups. IMPRESSIVE!!! Top scores go to Matt and Liam on the wods.



A) heavy back squat – 1sec pause

B) 20min AMRAP

400m run

10 lunges (e/l)

15 pull up

20 sit up 


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