16.10.15 #15-10-5-5-10-15

A big of upper body pressing and pulling started this evening off and a little triplet burner. Firstly our #celticwarriors hit some high volume bench press and bent over row! and then a workout of core movements, wallballs and some light pressing.

Mentions for Jen who gritted through wth determination, jack who as our youngest member pushed father Kristian all the way, his PE teacher must be doing something right 😉 and lastly rich parks who’s movement is always impeccable, it was impressive as he went unbroken in the last set of N2E. Awesome job guys!!!!!

Good feeling in the gym at the moment with lots of people enjoying and feeling the benefits of #SQUATTOBER. The results and PRs defiantly suggest the #celticwarriors are getting STRONGER!!!

Also big congrats to our October on-rampers who have completed the fundamentals and are now free to get involved in full classes. Please make sure you introduce yourselves and make them feel welcome. 


A) 4×12 bench

4×12 bent over row

B) 15-10-5




400m run






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