15.10.15 #lowintensity

Tonight was an evening of lower intensity. Firstly with some squatting, then a little barbell on the minute work and then a middle distance run to finish off. 

The squat were heavy, the barbell who with beauty and the run was hit hard and although it was the first time we had tested a mile run in a while there was lots of very quick times. 

Mentions for Ryan and Matthew McElroy who pushed each other on the mile run both getting around a 6min mile.  Also to Bully on the squats shifting some serious tin and Dave who has been working tirelessly on his lifting mechanics in the ply lifts and it has defiantly started to pay off. 


A) heavy front squat – 1sec pause 


Hang power clean

Hang clean

Split jerk. 

*build over the 12mins

C) 1mile run time trial

***important announcement – Due to unforeseen circumstances DP will now be at the normal time of 6:30-7:30*** 😃EXTRA 30 MINS IN BED💪


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