8.10.15 #SQUATTOBER3

Our third session of squatting this week with a slight variation our #celticwarriors hit a pause front squat with the idea to ensure maximum development of power out of the hole and help improve efficiency of other movements such as the clean.

With a very busy first class there was lots of people demonstrate superb mechanics as well as moving some weight. Doffy getting well into triple figures and Abbi and Hannah getting very close to their regular 1RM. 

In class 2 we had Rich and Tyler equalling their previous 1RM with plenty more in the tank. With Karl, Sadd and Alex all improving their positions and building the weight steadily.

The workout sneaked up on the majority with some impressive scores coming from little rob and co in DP and awesome efforts from Kelly, Emma B and Jen.


A) heavy 3sec pause front squat 

B) 3Rounds 

500m Row

15 wall ball

15 banded KB swings 

45sec pillar

1min rest


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