3.10.15 #sweatfest

Amazing atmosphere at the box this morning! 9am – Our bootcampers hitting their customary 3 workouts extremely hard! Although the difficulty level in programming next week may need to be increased, as Natalie Arlett managed to make a phone call mid WOD!!!!! 

Seren once again showed dad Parky how it was done!! Especially with her top speed on the squats in workout 3!! And it was nice to welcome Jo back, after missing a few Saturdays! Even if I do leave with a headache! (Only joking Jo) 

Every single athlete dug deep into any reserves they had to really push themselves to the limit!! Awesome effort! Thoroughly enjoyed by all I think!!

Great start to the weekend!!!


40 min Running Clock 
A) 0-12min window 

800m run 

Into 1:1 AMRAP 

4x C2B Pull ups, 8x HSPU, 12x Front squat 30/20kg 

B) 12-25 min window 

1km run 


15 x Sit ups 

10 OB Burpee

C) 25-40 min window 

1.4km run 


10 Thruster (40/30kg)

10 pull ups


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