1.10.15 #comfortable beinguncomfortable

Today we saw a nice classic bit of CrossFit whilst the nation held its breath during the critical Rugby World Cup match between Wales and Fiji.


A) Split Jerk 2RM

B) 4 Rounds 

Row 500m

10 Power Clean

10 over bar Burpee


We saw some impressive 2RM split jerks exceeding some of our Celtic Warriors previous single RM For a 2RM. With Kev, Tracy, Lee, Matty McIlroy and John all managing this feat.

And Aimee putting 15kg into her split jerk almost getting 60kg for a double. Great work Aimee.

Then we hit a classic CrossFit triplet that was another that looked ok on the board. But the elegant combination of Rowing power cleans and everyone’s favourites over bar burpes leaving nothing left in. The tank for anyone with the rest between rounds allowing both quality of movement and intensity to remain high for our Cektic Warriors ever increasing Work Capacities.

Good Job

Oh and I do believe there was another Wales Win?!


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