23.9.15 #SIDq2

tonight we visited strength in depth qualifier 2. A combination of each modality really reflected a classic crossfit WOD. 

Firstly a massive mention for our Dawn patrollers who got their grind on when the majority of us are wrapped up in bed.  Lots of promise from our newly graduated on rampers as well as the ladies Kathleen and Sarah moving the bar with considerable ease showing vast improvement in barbell skills. 

In the workout a photo finish was required with team Rob vs Team not Rob. Rob drew showing plenty of grit and quality. 
Also Andy Richmond who has been a religious Dawn patroller in his time with us but unfortunately is moving on due to new working contract but good news for him as it’s closer to his home- we wish him all the best after he leaves this week. GOOD LUCK, keep up the crossfit and stay in touch. 

Further mentions for Stu for first Ttb. Also some of our newer members – Karl, mark and Jenny mastering kipping movements on the bar 

Great hang clean technique from Sharon, Alex, lee, hannah and Vikki Barry especially speed under the bar, depth and upright torso in catch position 

And a huge well done to both SID teams that hit the workout today both smashing it in excellent times!! Special mention for Bridie for making her cleans look so easy, and Lorna fur carrying the boys in their team. Awesome work guys. 


For time – teams of 4

2000m row

150 TTB

120 Hang cleans 60/40


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