22.9.15 #wintersback

Winter felt like it was back tonight, with class three completing their runs in the dark and a slight chill in the air catching the breath of our #celticwarriors. 

First on the menu was some clean practice with the focus on positioning. Some serious improvement being made. Firstly Jon in class 1 making progress with his second pull and now starting to focus on his footwork. Also young Katie Doff continuing to show really potential in the Olympic lifts this was accompanied by younger bro Joe also showing solid movement, must be something in the water in that house. Lastly Richard Coates making some ajustment in his starting position which ensured a faster and more solid catch position.  

The came the lung buster. Top effort from Kev and Ryan in class 1 who pushed eachother all the way also to Rob and Bully in class 2 and Tyler, Doffy,Liam and Sam as well as Abbi, Hannah and Vikki utilising the competitive environment to push each other. 


A) build to a technical to a heavy

Hang power clean + clean


Run 200m

10 push press


20 sit up

******also DP at 6:15 tomorrow*****

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