19.9.15 #fastandfurious

An opportunity to test 1RM DL for our #celticwarriors as well as hit 2 fast and furious conditioning pieces. 

Some huge PB’s in part A… 1RM Deadlift including Chris joining the 200kg club, Vix, Maria and Kelly all comfortably into the 100kg club with 102.5kg, Will achieved 196kg despite a very nasty Hangover, the lovely Jen and Jen hitting 60 and 65kg respectively and More of our newer members also continue to excel, Alex with 150kg and Paul with 130kg PB’s. I know there were more but not everyone recorded them. Make sure you record them on the PB board. 

This was followed by two very tasty lung burning pairs workouts, that included some high skill work in the first one followed by an old fashioned anaerobic interval blast in the second. 

Awesome effort guys!

A) 1RM deadlift 

B) 15min AMRAP 

5 hang P. Snatch

10 t2b

100m sandbag carry 

C) 1:1 intervals with partner 12RFT

150m/200m row/run (alternate rounds)


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