16.9.15 #ZEUS

In accident Greece, Zeus was the god of sky and thunder and boy did this workout cause the majority of our #celticwarriors to collapse onto their backs and look to the sky, and if you feel like I do you will be walking around tomorrow with thunder thighs.

This week has seen quite a lot of lower body volume, and it was a mental battle to get through this workout and I must say you all smashed through it with determination and ensured movement was not sacrified.

Big shout outs to Paul and Kev who kept a fast pace throughout and pushed through when things got tough. Also a big welcome back to Gav who got himself stuck in after very little sleep over the past few weeks.



In pairs, each athlete complete all reps at a 1:1 rep break down (e.g athlete 1 completes 10 reps, athlete 2 must complete 10 reps).


30 wallball

30 sumo deadift high pull

30 box jump

30 push press

30 cal row

30 press up

10 BW back squat


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